Hi Wellcome!

Hi, my name is Samith Wijesinghe. I am a Robotics 🦾 enthusiast that obsessed with crafting new apps and designs in iOS📱. Loved creating new things that were fun and meaningful for others. Also, have a keen interest in design principles and design systems both in app development and product development. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree 🎓 in software engineering and am finishing off my second one in mechatronics engineering. I have started my career as a researcher specialised in Soft Robotics Application Development and prototyping. along the way I have enter several competitions organised by Harvard and MIT for soft robotics as a team. My hobbies are trading 📈 and investing in financial markets. You might find it an odd hobby, but I loved financial markets since I was a teenager. I developed prediction models using machine learning to predict the forex market based on the market news and trends. This started as a pet project, but with time I am able to publish a paper from this project. after i walk through many fields finally i settle down in software engineering due to my love of creating apps so Now i am working👨🏻‍💻 as an iOS developer. i am mainly focus on iOS app development , core fundamentals of programming, building apps that not boring 😅 and AR related frameworks 🙃

In here you can find all notes i have taken. beware all the notes are write with my knowledge about it. please do more research on the facts that you find in here. most of the notes are incomplete. if that so its mean i am still learning about them. this whole note collection like a garden some of them are grown and some of them are still growing.

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