How To Actually Learn To Code

  • first thing i need to accept is that i have been stuck in a tutorial hell for the past couple of years
  • thats the main reason i can not code anything without a tutorial
  • For start coding something you only need to know these three things from any language
    • variables
    • loops
    • conditionals
    • functions
  • next things is never watch any kind of tutorial until you can code some sort of programme without looking at anything

Question driven development

  • first you think about an end goal (eg: weather app)
  • then divide in to serious of question to how to do it
  • try to create simple things that not going more than 100 lines code
    • you can find these thing by searching for google as begineers exercise to swift or begineers problems for swift
  • after you have a practice on that i can go for clone existing apps.
  • this way i have no need to worry about the UI also no need to be the exact app just build crapy working clone

You might need tutorials also at the end of the day?

  • for face this there is a new way.
  • first just watch the videos write down the important task in the tutorial
  • after that build some smaller projects related to those tasks