• we are using SceneKit to render the 3D models that we are adding to the app.


  • you can find this in the project navigator

  • this use to store 3D models, their textures, animations

  • scene editor can be found when you expand the art.scnassets.

Components of the scene editor
  • viewport - the middle part of the editor that contain the editor
  • manipulator - if you select the model you can see the manipulator. its the coordinate system that represent the x and y axis that you can rotate your object
  • **viewport Controls" -
  • **Scene graph view" -
  • its right panel that side beside the viewport. its separated into multiple tabs.
    • File inspector
    • Quick help inspector
    • Node inspector
    • Attributes inspector
    • Material Inspector
    • Physics Inspector
    • Scene Inspector

most of the time we use only node, attributes and material inspectors

Node Inspector

  • node inspector have transform property. its involve in the change of the node such as position, rotation and scale all together. transform in node inspector.png
  • position
    • the position is the where i place my model. it composed of 3D coordinates of x,y and z.
  • Euler angles
    • Euler angel enable to rotate model in pitch. AR_euler_angles.png
  • scale
    • scale allow us to size up and size down
  • Bounding box
    • bounding box is the dimensions of our asset in meters.


  • Diffuse - its the skin that wraps the object. in staring example of Xcode underneath the ship asset their is a texture.png this refer as a diffuse.
    • before and after diffuse to an object Arkit_diffuse.png