Why I Am Failing?

  • for many years now i have failed to achieve my goals, 99% of the time these three are the main reasons that couldn't achieve them

Failure to launch 

  • You search about everything and gather the all details about the work you are going to do but you keep researching and caught of the infinite info mania because you think that you didn’t know enough to start the work that you have planned. 


  • Change you narrative and think how could I make this happen. What are the bare minimum you need to launch this and do it accordingly.
  • And think about how you can get excited by doing that particular project. 
  • Created action oriented framework. always take an action toward your goal even it is  a simple and imperfect one. 

Threading in water 

  • Failing to finish what you have start. 
  • This cause by “self doubt”. This lead to hesitation and the question “whether you have make right decision?” .
  • Continuously question about the decision you have made stuck you in the same place over and over again. 


  • This happens due to the lack of meaning. you don’t have a crystal clear idea about why you have committed to that. Especially when things are get stuck and when you find something new and exciting. 
  • Schedule a time to think about why you are doing what you working on. Look at big picture and think how that will align with your future goals. 
  • Ask the question - “ the goal I am working, its for the “Sake of what”?

Destination Obsession 

  • Set an exciting goal and try to achieve  but when you go half of the journey you get bored and set a new goal. Never finish anything fully.
  • You are in a cycle of endlessly chasing goals. 
  • This will led you to question that “I am not doing enough” and comparing with your peers.
  • Also you feel guilty about taking breaks. 


  • “My work is not the reflection of what I have achieved.
  • Set boundaries for your life and channel it toward the discipline. 
  • Take breaks. Taking a break doesn’t mean that you are falling behind and who’s falling behind. You just walk your way and in that you are always a winner.
  • If one of your peers seems getting ahead of you. ask from your self “I am happy about this person, what can I learn from his journey and actively apply it to mine” 

                                        “We are what we reportedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit”