• variable is a name for an object.
  • you can image its like a box that contain object. object can be changed or replaced with the time. so when you creating a variable you simply creating a box with a name.
  • all the variables must be declared. no variables comes with implicitly into existence.
  • you can create name or declare a variable with two ways
    • var
    • let
  • in var you can change the values later. but in let you can not change once you assign a value.
  • All the variable has a type. once you assign a type you can not never change it. its like there is different types of boxes. you can not put all the objects in a one type box. you need to use relevant type of box for that.
  • variable has life its on own. it will preserve value given to it as long as it there. so its not only a way of naming something but also a way of preserve