What Should I Do Next

i only have a one hour of code time
  • work on the swift coding challenges

    • Strings - challenge 03
    • Strings - challenge 04
  • Rewrite a terminal game that written in C++ with swift

i got 3 hours of time

  • main focus is to finish the next feature in the todo app

this coding is really boaring is there anything else ?

  • try to learn and work on metal for mac os tutorial series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdKQ-I8o1GQ&list=PLn3eTxaOtL2MThB3r1Pz5Z-EQaqBi3dHt&index=1

  • try to create a 3D model in Scenekit with interactions.

Topics that i should focus and learn

Swift and iOS dev

  • iOS application life cycle
  • what the hell is optional chaining
  • protocols